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Beginning with Blue Tuna Docs, we have grown into four distinct groups. Blue Tuna provides Part 135 and 145 online training to maintenance, production and carrier organizations. Blue Tuna is responsible for consulting and documentation Part 145 Start Ups, AS9100 and AS9110 QMS, FIS and Training Manuals. IA Renewal is also an online training company that is designed to meet the needs of Inspection Authorization Refresher training, here and around the world where ever there are IAs. www.iarenewal.com courses are FAA certified. The Vendors Training site (www.vendorstraining.com) developes, deploys and maintains training for aviation based companies that need to qualify vendors. This is important in the world of Flight Charter Operations, Maintenance and Production facilities. The FAA OnLine Training site (this site) creates customized training for aviation based organizations that requires the development of specialized training. website developmentm deployment of training and records.

In the Studio emphazies the development of "just in time training" for our customers. You "Push" the subject matter, we make it useful, accessible - 24/7. In the Clouds is the Flight Operations side of our online training. General Operations Manual training is customized for each and every customer.

Something new and exciting is on the way. The development of our industry specific blog. Discussion posts, focusing on subjects that matter the most to you.

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Aviation Blog is in development.
Designed to address industry specific topics

by admin. on Jan. 10, 2011

Our blog is in development. It will include industry specific subjects, FOD, SUPs, Human Factors, Safety and Stories about "How I Landed in Aviation - your stories!"


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